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Let me allow me to introduce myself my name is Amanda and I have studied Bowen Technique,Body Harmony, some Counseling, Crystal Healing, The Tarot, Singing, Composition Music, RAD Ballet, Bush Flower Essences with Ian White, Success WithOut Sabotage (the late Patrick Collard) and other gentle massage and until recently I had never studied with Heather.

Today I encountered Heather here in my home working with me on my Stuck Liver Qi and then
working her magical Heather’s Gentling ways – oh wow I won’t say don’t get me started – coz actually please get me started so we can not only save some lives with her amazing work – we can make some lives – conscious conception and conscious living and healing is actually a big part of what this Lady is about!

Taking out what is not supposed to be there-all the toxins and all the cold in my stomach and other area of my body has allowed me for the first time in a lifetime to start really using the magnesium, good food and water and supplements and herbs.

It really did not matter what I was taking up until now as my gut was not working properly-now it has a fighting and functional chance thank to Heather! and her Gentling Ways!

The blood flow through my back is happening in way I have not experienced in years – I can feel the energy all the way around to my uterus and indeed through to my vulva – what a wonderful feeling that is for me.I have had Lyme disease for many years and more recently contracted babesia and I have put on a lot of weight. I have not felt energy flow throw my body like that in way
too long! My heels are making contact with the ground without pain and more of the skin is grounding in my foot when I walk.

A feeling of bliss overcame me during the session and my jaw has completely let go. I have had TMJ since I was fifteen and now I am fifty -three – I have awoken yet again with a relaxed jaw! The scar where my appendix was feels so much better there is not the painful pull on it anymore.The muscles in my face are so relaxed and I actually began laughing with joy – a joy I had nor felt in such a long time. My sacrum is feeling wonderful and I lie flat with more of my lower back smooth. I fee

l like dancing again – I feel that my body could do this again!

The tension that is always in my neck has gone.

I am very grateful to Heather and I am grateful to Heather’s husband Duncan too

as he is an incredible support to this lady in so many ways!